Cafe Rokusaron

Cafe Rokusaron, situated next to Shinyakushiji Temple, is only a 15 minute walk from Nara  Park.


Come here to enjoy and savour local dishes served alongside delicious beverages to cool off in the hot summer. In addition to our famous Nara iced matcha and matcha sodas, we also offer our very own iced 'Zenzai' coffee.



Prominent amongst our dishes is our longtime favourite Spicy Nara Curry that we serve all year around. It's a hit with the locals and visitors alike!


As patrons of local musicians, we also regularly host Jazz Concerts!

Refer to our calendar for future dates.


Swing by for a relaxing and fun times.


Masako Rokumoto


Drink Menu  
Blended coffee ¥450
Weak coffee ¥450
Blended Tea ¥450
Earl Gray Tea ¥450
Orange juice ¥450
Hot milk ¥450
Iced coffee Zenzai ¥650
Iced coffee ¥500
Iced Tea ¥500
Iced Matcha Tea ¥550
Iced Matcha soda ¥600
Iced Milk ¥450
Beer  ¥500
Food Menu  
Baked bread with drink ¥700
Pizza with drink ¥850
Pilaf with drink ¥850
Cake with drink ¥800
Nara original Curry with drink  ¥1,050


Location & Business day

Cafe Rokusaron

1358-1 Takabatake,Nara-city

TEL     0742-26-6936
Parking  3cars
Opening hours from 10:00 to 17:00
Closed on Tuesdays.
It is a 15 minute walk from Nara Park.




The first Saturday of the month  JAZZ Live  15:0017:00  No entry fee.
On the second Tuesday of the month  A singing party for everyone 
  14:0016:00  fee \1,000 1 drink.


July.7       Ikeguchi Yukiko Live         14:00~  1 drink. \3000.

August.25  JAZZ Time                      18:00~  1 drink. \2500. 

August.29     Special Music Live            19:00 ~    1 drink. \3000.

Sep.14         JAZZ Time                      19:00~  1 drink. \2500.